About Greenwood

The 16-acre grounds of Greenwood boast beautiful landscaping and feature country style cluster settings.

The complex includes seven buildings of 24 units each for a total of 168 units. One deeded carport is included with each unit and well-lit spaces are available for second vehicles and temporary guest parking.

Additional amenities include swimming pool, tennis court, and picnic areas. Immediately below this description is a recent aerial view of Greenwood with the pool and tennis court in the center of the complex. The letter "A" highlights the entrance.

Below that view is a copy of the original site plan. Click here to view a typical building layout. Note that a patio is part of each first floor unit, with a balcony as part of each upper floor unit.

Approximate sizes for the four basic units are:
Small one bedroom - 525 sq. ft.
Large one bedroom - 715 sq. ft.
Small two bedroom - 810 sq. ft.
Large two bedroom - 1100 sq. ft.

Click here to view the floor plans for one-bedroom units or two bedroom units. These plans are from the original drawings and do not show possible alterations to specific units by previous owners.